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Inspirational Fibro Quotes

Inspirational Quotes For Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia


Do what you can and pray for what you cannot yet do.





No matter how bad the pain is tonight, the sun will come up in the morning and with it, a new day of hope.


Good advice for, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.


Irish blessing for Fibromyalgia






Over 50 Fibromyalgia Sites

This has been update from 16 informational links to over 50 informational links on fibromyalgia. Some are new links and some came from combining to separate posts about fibro links.

Fibro Champions Blog – How fibromyalgia affects me on a daily basis . . .What I have learned about living with this chronic invisible illness. Christain friendly posts.

Over 50 Informational Links To Fibromyalgia Web Sites

These are quality fibromyalgia sites I have found to be interesting as I have researched fibromyalgia over the years. It is my no means a complete list.  This page is dedicated to all those around the world who suffer from Fibromyalgia and are looking for answers.  These Fibromyalgia links will provide a quality source of information on the scientific and research side of Fibromyalgia. There are also links to other aspects of Fibromyalgia such as exercise and online support groups.  To the best of my ability there will be no links to snake oil remedies or links to hucksters trying to make money off of those who suffer the pain and fog of Fibromyalgia. As more quality web sites come to my attention they will be added to this list. 


  1. Fibromyalgia and Social Security
  2. Fibromyalgia Awareness
  3. Fibromyalgia Treating The Hidden Illness
  4. Fibromyalgia Support Groups Offer Hope
  5. Fibromyalgia.Com

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Sterling Silver Christian Irish Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Christian Irish Cross Necklaces

The very best place to find sterling silver Irish cross necklaces is at HandCraftedCollectibles.com. To see this Irish Celtic cross necklace click on Irish cross necklace.


What Is The Best New Blog For Christians

What Is The Best New Blog For Christians?


CallahanWriter.com has been around for many years but they have done a major remodel of their blog and they now focus on Christian Devotionals, Christian Articles and a Fibromyalgia Awareness blog. Callahan, the writer of the blog also post’s to other categories in his blog.


This is good for a Christian blog because you want to see what else this Christian writer is into besides writing Christian posts.


This guy, I assume he’s a guy, what kind of name is CallahanWriter? Has a lot of free memes centered around Christian, Irish, Christian and Brest cancer themes. Check it out. I really like the daily Christian devotionals and Christian articles. I think you will to.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

There are countless types and styles of sterling silver cross necklaces.  HandCraftedCollectibles.Com is the world foremost collection of sterling silver cross necklaces.  No web site or Mall Kiosk has this kind of selection.  This blog post will only show a few samples of sterling silver cross necklaces. To see a full collection of over a thousand sterling silver cross necklaces just click on sterling silver cross necklace.

Silver Cross Necklaces

Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

Silver Cross Necklace

 This sterling silver cross necklace shown above is one of the more popular of all sterling silver cross necklaces. It is a 3D cross. This cross necklace, like all the other cross necklaces shown in this post come with a choice of one of three types of silver chains.  This cross necklace along with all the others has four lengths to choose from: 16″, 18″, 20″ and 24″.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

sterling silver cross necklaces

Silver Timber Cross Necklace

each of the sterling silver cross necklaces shown in this post represents twelve sterling silver cross necklaces. Because each cross pendant comes with a choice of one of three types of sterling silver chains and a choice of one of four lengths of chain which means anyone of these cross necklaces comes in one of twelve selections. 4×12 = 48. This post is showing forty-eight different sterling silver cross necklaces.

Silver Celtic Cross Necklace

Sterling silver Shamrock cross  necklace

Celtic Cross Necklace

 The Celtic cross necklace above is made from sterling silver like all the other cross necklaces in this post. The difference between the cross shown just above and any other kind of Celtic cross necklace is the presence of an Irish three-leaf clover, otherwise known as the Irish Shamrock.

Sterling Silver Irish Cross Necklace

The Celtic cross necklace shown above, can easily fall in between a Celtic cross necklace or Irish cross necklace. But a lot of Celtic jewelry and Irish jewelry had the same situation where they overlap. The sterling silver Irish cross necklace shown below is clearly an Irish cross necklace. The Irish cross pendant has a Celtic Trinity not engraved on the end caps, and in the middle of the sterling silver cross pendant is a very traditional Irish Claddaugh symbol.

The Irish Shamrock shown above in that Celtic-Irish cross necklace is pretty well-known in Irish folklore, where St. Patrick one of the first Christian missionaries to Ireland used the three leaf clover to teach about the holy Trinity. Each petal of the Shamrock was used to represent one of the members of the holy Trinity. But what does the Claddagh symbol mean or how does it add to the symbolism of the Irish cross necklace?

Irish cross necklace

Irish Claddagh Cross Necklace


The Irish Claddagh symbol is a special Irish symbol that consists of a heart with a crown on top of the heart, the heart is held with two hands. The heart represents love, the hands represent friendship, and the crown represents loyalty or fidelity. So when you add the Claddagh symbol to the cross the symbol can mean the hands of Jesus holding your heart in faith crowned with a symbol of the King of Kings.

Symbolic Jewelry

Symbolic Jewelry

It’s interesting when you’re studying symbols, and symbolism. You learn what different abstract symbols and designs mean that more often than not you learn what they don’t mean. It’s very common when studying symbols and symbolism that symbols from 1000 years ago don’t mean the same thing now that they did 1000 years ago.

As an example, 800 to 1000 years ago a Celtic Triquetra knot was popular among the Celts who lived in Western Europe and especially on what we now know as the British Isles. This Triquetra knot is a three-pointed Celtic knot symbol. And in that timeframe of about 600 years give or take, there were other Celtic weeds knots and designs that were based on the symbolism of “three.’

Archaeologists have uncovered many styles and types of these three pointed Celtic knots or designs, and they have also uncovered various meanings for these symbols. The problem is trying to match the description or symbolism to the right knot because Triskelle knot may have had one meaning in 800 A.D. and a totally different meaning to the Celtic people in 1200 A.D.

It’s common nowadays for people to assign their own meaning to many of these Celtic symbols. That’s okay because symbols mean what we want them to mean.  The Celtic people of the thousand years ago wanted a Celtic knot design to mean something and then 400 years later the same groups of Celtic people assign different meanings based on the evolution of their pagan religion or based on their necessities at the time.

When you study symbols and symbolism you find that the greatest symbol with an enduring meaning is the Christian cross. For over 1000 years and perhaps 1400 to 1600 years the cross has meant essentially the same thing. That meaning deals with the Christian faith and with Jesus being crucified and resurrected.

sterling silver Irish cross necklace

Silver Celtic Cross Necklace

For many Christians the crucifix is a symbol of his death, while many other Christians look to the empty cross as a symbol of his resurrection. There are even some Christians today who are offended by a cross with a symbol of the Savior on it. They fill like it symbolizes his death or celebrates his suffering. These are the Christians who enjoy the empty Christian cross.

One important note to consider, while talking about the cross symbol, is that the difference between the cross symbol and the crucifix symbol is, the crucifix is a cross with a symbol of Jesus on it, while the empty cross is referred to simply, as a Christian cross.

Here is where studying symbols and symbolism gets real fun and interesting. The Christian cross is a profound symbol of the resurrected Christ, and a symbol for the Christian faith. This symbolism is very deep, strong and abiding.  Millions of Christians joyfully and proudly wear a cross necklace or some other type of Cross jewelry as earrings or rings brooches etc.

Celtic symbolism and Irish symbolism have a blending where it’s common to see elements of Celtic symbols and Irish symbols mixed together into one icon or one symbol. This is especially true with the Celtic cross necklace, or an Irish cross necklace. Included here is a sterling silver Celtic or Irish cross necklace as an example of how the Celtic and Irish symbolism are blended with Christian cross symbolism to create an iconic expression of different cultures adding to very important Christian symbolism in the form of a sterling silver Christian cross pendant or necklace.

Take a look at the sterling silver Celtic cross necklace picture to the left in this blog post. The Celtic cross pendant is in the form of a traditional Christian cross. However there are Celtic knots and Celtic weaves and designs along with the very popular and traditional Irish Shamrock or Irish three-leaf clover. So how do Celtic knots and Irish symbols add more Christian symbolism to the Christian cross?

At the end caps of this Celtic cross pendant reside the Celtic Trinity knot.  The Celtic Trinity knot is one of those three-point symbols we talked about earlier. After Christianity was introduced to the Celts they adopted the Triquetra knot as a three-point symbol representing the holy Trinity, thus the name evolved into the Trinity knot symbol. That alone gives the Christian cross much more Christian symbolic value. The Celtic weaves through out the cross symbol or Celtic designs that represent infinity or eternity.

The infinity or eternity symbol also adds great Christian value to the Christian cross necklace. The Irish three-leaf clover is said to be a symbol that St. Patrick used to teach about the holy Trinity. Each of the three peddles of the three-leaf clover were used to represent a member of the holy Trinity. So you can see how that adds additional symbolic value to the Christian cross pendant. The Celtic cross pendant necklace shown in this blog post is the single most popular Celtic symbol in all of the Western world. It is also very popular to the Christian world. As far as Celtic jewelry or Irish jewelry is concerned, this Celtic cross pendant the second in popularity only to the Irish Claddagh symbol.

The last point to make about symbols and symbolism in regards to different cultures adding to the Christian cross is that through symbols different cultures can merge into other cultures, while retaining some of their own identity. In this case the Celts who were the ancestors to the modern-day Irish retained part of their identity by adding their symbolism to the Christian cross which is the symbol for Christianity.



Sterling Silver Butterfly Jewelry

Sterling Silver Butterfly Jewelry


Ever since I was a child, I loved butterflies and moths. At that point I didn’t know the difference between a butterfly and moths. I would watch them flitter in flight from landing on a blade of grass to a blossom and flitter and fly away.

Butterfly Necklace

Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace

In fact, it wasn’t until just about a summer ago that I learned that as a rule of thumb butterflies are out during the day and moths are out at night. I saw a guy catching butterflies in the canyon and I went up and talked to him a little bit and he told me that interesting fact.

Sterling silver butterfly jewelry comes with sterling silver butterfly pendants, starting silver butterfly charms, sterling silver butterfly earrings, and sterling silver butterfly.

There is a collection of sterling silver butterfly jewelry found that HandCraftedCollectibles.com. It’s the best collection of silver butterfly jewelry I have seen anywhere on the Web or at a sterling silver jewelry kiosk in any mall.

The detailed work on the butterflies is amazing, and their selection of different shapes and styles of butterflies is amazing.

Butterfly jewelry

Silver Butterfly Necklace

And I think one of the best things for me is that the sterling silver butterfly necklaces all, the choice of one of three types of silver chains. Another choice that comes with the butterfly necklaces is that you can choose from four different lengths! I have never seen a website that gives you that kind of flexibility when ordering a sterling silver necklace.

Another awesome thing about this website that sells the sterling silver butterfly jewelry is that it gives information along with all these choices for butterfly jewelry. This information covers animal totems and the symbolism of the butterfly is really cool. They also have matching sets of butterfly necklaces and butterfly earrings. They even have a few butterfly charms that are made with sterling silver turquoise and coral. Butterfly necklaces are a great thing to wear because sterling silver is a neutral color yet it’s a precious metal and shiny and sparkly that goes with everything that you wear which also makes it economical because you don’t have to have one that was for one occasion another necklace for another occasion one butterfly necklace made from sterling silver is gonna be perfect with whatever you wear wherever you want to go.