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Whats The Difference Between Claddagh Rings With Hands and With Trinity Knots?

Whats The Difference Between Claddagh Rings With Hands and With Trinity Knots?

First we need to know what the traditional symbolism of the claddagh is and what the ring meaning is…

The Claddagh Ring meaning is: The Crown of the Claddagh symbol represents loyality. The Heart on the Claddagh sign means Love and the Hands holding the heart of the Claddagh symbol is friendship.

Claddagh Rings

Silver Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring meaning allows many used of the numerous silver Claddagh rings. For instance. If the heart points toward you then the Claddagh ring means you are taken. This could mean a promise ring, and Engagement ring or even an Irish Wedding ring.

Claddagh rings used as friend rings are because the three main elements representing Loyality, Friendship and Love are qualities you want in a friend.

These three qualitys of Friendship, Loayality and Love are attributes that anyone wants in any kind of relationship whether it be a romantic relationship or a regular friendship.

Now we understanding the basic elements of Irish Claddagh Rings we can talk about the replacement of the hands with a Celtic trinity knot design. 

Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring Trinity Knot

Claddagh Ring

To first understand the difference between a Claddagh ring with hands and with Celtic trinity knots, one must understand the Celtic trinity knots. The trinity knot os a triangular shaped knot. Each of the three corners of the knot represents one member of the Holy Trinity.

So instead of a Claddagh symbol of hands which represents friendship you have a Claddagh with a slightly different meaning becasue instead of friendship hold the heart you have the Celtic Holy Trinity holding the heart.

In the two pictures shown in this Celtic jewelry blog you have one with the Celtic trinity knot and hand and the other is only a trinity knot holding the heart.

Some consider the Claddagh ring with the trinity knot more of a wedding ring becasue that Claddagh ring has the Holy Trinity holding two hears that are symbolized as one heart being upheld by the Trinity.




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