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Editorial: Some of My Views on Jesus Christ Our Savior

Some of My Views on Jesus Christ Our Savior

I began the title of  this editorial with the word “some”. I don’t think my fingers have the strength to type everything I feel about my Lord. I don’t think my mind has the capacity to put to words are that my heart hold dear in regards to my Redeemer.

I will no doubt refer to scriptures but this is by far just my feelings regarding the most important Man ever to set forth a single step on this planet.

I the things I say about Jesus Christ in this article are feelings, knowledge and testimonials that I know to be true by the Holy Ghost bearing witness to me.

I know that Jesus is the onlybegotten in the flesh of God the Father. That God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost form the Godhead ase three distinct personages. I know that Jeusu Christ is a resurrected, glorified and perfected in the flesh. After His resurrection he ate on more than once occassion with his disciples which a spirit cannot do.

Because Jesus answered the demands of justice by His suffering in the Garden and during the illegal trials and on the Cross he paid for the sins of the world. So we don’t have to if we repent. He topped it off with His resurrection to a perfected body of flesh and bones. Because he did all this He has the power of offer Mercy, Grace and Justice to all of Heavenly Fathers children.

If Christ had not broken the bands of death through His resurrection then we would face death as something final and perminant. But glory be to the Savior of the world, the sting od death is but a season and as Job put it, in the flesh shall I see God meaning that in a resurrected body.

Through the grace of Christ resurrection is a free gift to all who ever came to this world. Regardless of your faith or even belief in God or not you will all be resurrected. Many confuse this with Salvation. Resurrection is a degree of Salvation but it falls short of determining our place in the eternities.

The sacred scriptures teach us over and over again to follow the example of Christ. Keep His commandments and do what christ would have us do. The scriptures say that we cannot have faith if we are not motivated with desire to keep His commandments.

We are saved by grace. This is true. It is an incomplete statement but true. To complete the statement would be to say we are saved by the Grace of our Redeemer after all we can do.

No matter how hard we try to keep His commandments we will fall short. No matter how humbly we repent and how often we repent we will come up short. That is where grace comes into play. It is the Grace of our Lord that will make up the difference between what we are able to do and what must be done to get us into the Kingdom of Heaven. So indeed we are saved by grace after we do all we can within our limited power.

Christ was the perfect example for everything. If we really ask ourselves in various situations, What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD?) then we will be lead aright and we will do the right things. But if we are to know what Jesus would do we must read for ourselves from the scriptures and learn them well. We should make reading the scriptures a lifetime pursuit as there is so much to learn.

Salvation is for eternity and we don’t want to mess it up by not getting it right in this life. In James chapter one is the verse that say we can ask God anything and he will answer our prayers. If my beliefs and opinions have struck a cord for good or bad with you pray with sincerity of heart realizing that this could all be true. Listen for the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. See what happens.


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